Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Abuse is sooo funny

Last night I was watching the last bit of Last Comic Standing. Or rather, it was on in the background, but there was one bit that really got my attention.

Now, I've never actually seen the whole show, but I think I got the gist of it -- stand-up comics do their routines, the show picks clips of their "best" parts as a "reminder" at the end, and people can call in to vote.

Now, I would assume that the producers pick out what they deem as the best/funniest part of the comics' routines as the "reminder" of who these people are. Which is partly why I found this one particular clip so appalling.

I don't know the guy's name, but he was talking about some kid (a boy) who was crying and saying he just wished his dad would stop hitting his mom. The "comedian" at this point says [paraphrased], "So, I looked at the boy and asked him, 'so, does your mom mouth off to your dad a lot?'" Cue laughter. And there was laughter.

There was no laughter from, though. I just sat there stunned. Do people actually find this funny? Yes, I know there are misogynists who like to "joke" about abuse in the Father's Rights Movement. I just never thought I'd see this sort of thing held up as "great comedy" on network television. I guess I'm just naive.

But I'm also appalled and disgusted. And not only at the misogynist comedian, but also at the audience who laughed, and at the producers (or whoever) who chose this clip as the "best" part of the routine. (I suppose it's possible that this was the least offensive part of his routine -- all the more reason to be appalled that this guy could become a finalist.)

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Anonymous said...

Last year there was a "humor" item making it's way around the associated press. A man and woman went on a date. During the date, the woman told her date that she is trans. The man pulled out a gun, shot at her, and missed. She ran out but left all her vital stuff (keys, id) so went back in when she thought the coast was clear. The man saw her again and shot again.

The punchline? He missed.

That story ran in many, many newspapers all 'round the country eliciting giggles - and when pointed out as just possibly a wee bit offensive for endorsing violence, its publishers and editors responded with a giant sigh and a "You just didn't get the joke."

Abuse is more than tolerated, and often treated as something funny. I can't say I'm suprised by network tv following the leader