Monday, June 19, 2006

FATASS PDX on German Television

Unless you know me personally (separate from the blog), you probably are not aware that I am also a part of FATASS PDX -- a group of fat activist radical cheerleaders (FATASS stands for Fat Action Troupe All-Star Spirit Squad). Well, now not only do you know this, but you can also see us in all our glorious cheering fashion, as seen on German Television.

The 5 minute 21 second clip is what's left after editing down about 12 hours of filming. The "crew" (which consisted of the host/interviewer and a cameraman) filmed us as we practiced, then did some interviews with us, and then filmed us performing at Cupcake, a monthly fat-positive dance party/social gathering. Alas, none of the interviews with me ended up in the final version, so you won't see much of me in this clip -- but that's ok, it's still pretty good. Oh, also, we don't have the voiceover, which kind of sucks (even if it was in German), but at least we have this.

Also thanks to Big Fat Blog for linking to the film clip.