Monday, July 21, 2003

Gender Socialization in Childhood

You know, over the years, as a feminist and as a Women's Studies student (in both undergrad and grad school), I've studied the aspects of gender socialization a great many times. Everything from how boy babies are treated differently than girl babies, to how boys are treated differently than girls in schools (even by teachers who are trying not to), to kid's toys, to body language. So, you can imagine my delight (among other emotions) when looking at my own childhood photographs and seeing just how socialized I was to be a girl. I'm still missing the one with me in an oversized apron, a rolling pin, and flour all over my face -- I'll have to have my mom scan that one in for me soon. Then maybe I'll write a thesis on it. :-p (That's a little inside joke for the folks that know how well I do at writing theses :p )

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