Saturday, July 26, 2003

Disgusting behavior in the media - Redux

In Tom's post over at TBOGG regarding the release of the victim's name in the Kobe Bryant case, he goes into a bit of detail about other reasons to be disgusted by Tom Leykis (the radio talk-show host who first released the victim's name).

In his post, he quotes a bit about Leykis' "primer on how to get laid":

Equally provocative is his "Leykis 101." An unapologetic primer to help men get laid with minimum effort, its "rules" - a retort to the women's self-help guide - include Never spend a lot of money impressing her on the first date, Stop seeing her if you don't get laid by the third date, and Never date single mothers. Like Flash Fridays this, too, began innocently enough, with Leykis lecturing a staff member about his love life. While most male listeners have welcomed "Leykis 101" like manna from heaven, many women see it as the Black Plague. On "Politically Incorrect" in February 1999, Leykis defended his position amid a hostile group of female panelists: "We don't fall in love with you until we get some tail!...If you think that we hear a word you say before we get in your panties, let me tell you something, we don't!"

But, let's face it. As disgusting and immature as this drivel is, that's not going to be enough to get Leykis' name really noticed among all the shock-jocks out there, today. No, he needs to sink a little bit lower to do that. And he has. Releasing the victim's alleged name over the air was only the latest in his smarmy repertoire. Mediawatch, the watchdog group monitoring racism, sexism, and violence in the media, has had a boycott against Leykis for quite a while now.

If you scroll down past the article about Lekis being arrested for beating his wife, the article of the charges being dropped (on condition he seek treatment), and then the bit about his "Flash Fridays," you'll see the transcript of his 12/27/99 radio show in which he not only advocates the very things quoted above, but also advocates seeking out women who were molested as children because they "put out more."

They just don't get more vile than Leykis.

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