Saturday, December 13, 2003

Do you know who the PM of Canada is?

In the thread about the Montreal Massacre, the question came up, "why didn't the US media pick up on it." Suppositions of misogynist media came up -- but I don't think that's the full answer, if any answer at all. (Not to say that the US media isn't misogynist -- just that I don't think it's any more misogynist than Canadian media.) Instead, I think it's more likely that the US media didn't pick the story up because it happened in Canada.

As I said in that thread:
And the fact remains, the US media didn't pick up on it because it was Canada. How many news stories did the average American see about Canada today? Does the average news-watching American even know what happened in Canada today? (Err...ok, yesterday -- but I haven't gone to sleep yet, so it's today for me. So, let's just leave it at "Friday.")
According to a recent poll, 8% of Americans knew who the Prime Minister of Canada was. And I have little doubt that that number has been drastically reduced. Do you know who the PM of Canada is?

[Canadians and Kip are prohibited from answering. Let's see if the Americans who weren't told the answer recently can answer ;) ]

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